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Electoral District Profile

The electoral district of Avalon (Newfoundland and Labrador) covers an area of 9,335 km2, and has a population of 78,381 with 63,882 registered voters and 218 polling divisions.

The electoral district's boundaries are described as, all that area consisting of that part of the Avalon Peninsula on the Island of Newfoundland described as follows: commencing at a point in Placentia Bay approximately 20 km west of Cape St. Mary's; thence generally northerly along Placentia Bay and the Eastern Channel of Placentia Bay to the intersection of the shoreline of Placentia Bay with the westerly limit of the Town of Come By Chance; thence northerly and easterly along the westerly and northerly limits of said town to the Trans-Canada Highway (Route No. 1); thence northerly along said highway to the northerly limit of the Town of Sunnyside; thence easterly along said limit and its production into Trinity Bay; thence northerly along said bay to a point midway between East Random Head on Random Island and Hant's Head on the eastern shoreline of Trinity Bay; thence northeasterly along said bay to a point approximately 5 km north of Grates Point on the Bay de Verde Peninsula; thence easterly approximately 20 km to a point N45°E of Baccalieu Island; thence generally southerly along Conception Bay to a point midway between Western Bay Head on the western shoreline of Conception Bay and Cape St. Francis; thence southerly along Conception Bay to a point approximately 2 km west of the most westerly extremity of Bell Island; thence southerly along Conception Bay to a point approximately 2 km S45°W of the most southwesterly extremity of Kellys Island; thence easterly along Conception Bay to the mouth of Long Pond Harbour; thence southerly along said harbour and Conway Brook to the limit of the City of St. John's; thence generally southwesterly and easterly along the northwesterly and southerly limits of said city and its production to the Atlantic Ocean; thence generally southerly and generally westerly along the Atlantic Ocean, Trepassey Bay, St. Mary's Bay and Placentia Bay to the point of commencement. Including Baccalieu Island, Great Colinet Island and all other islands adjacent to the shoreline of the above described area.